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25 Healthy Toddler Lunch Recipes

Give your toddler a healthier version of the foods they already love!

Forget about hiding veggies, make them the star of the show with these 25 Healthy Toddler Lunch Recipes. From nuggets to tots to chips and even muffins, these recipes are for foods toddlers already love, but with ingredients that’ll make you both feel great! Enjoy!

Check out these broccoli poppers! Your tot is going to flip out when they try these incredibly fun tots.

This toddler approved broccoli and grilled cheese is too amazing for words. But your toddler is definitely going to say at least two: More Please!

These baked carrot chips are a delicious and colorful substitute for regular fried potatoes, plus have amazing beta carotene and none of that fat from frying.

Delicious carrot veggie puffs are fun to make and even more fun to eat. Try these on a weekend when the whole family is home ’cause everyone is going to love this one.

This ah-mazing looking mac and cheese is hiding a cauliflower secret. Okay, secret’s out: it has cauliflower mixed into the cheese!

I can’t get over how amazing these cauliflower nuggets sound! Seriously, try this recipe and see if your kids aren’t begging for it again all week long.

Via Ziplock

Delicious chicken and corn nuggets are great for dipping, for lunches on the go, and especially for toddlers who are convinced that nuggets are the only food they should ever eat…ever.

Need something sweet to go with lunch? How about this amazing chocolate avocado muffin! It tastes so rich and delicious that you’ll never want to make chocolate muffins without avocado again.

These cauliflower tots are finger food that you’ll be proud to serve your kiddo’s.

It’s so hard to convince kids that fast food isn’t the best stuff on earth. But these chicken nuggets will definitely give the double arches a run for their money.

Love chips but hate the fat and calories? Start making your sweet little one these kale chips and start them on a path toward healthy living early.

Mac and peas? Sure! Sweet peas make a great addition to mac and cheese and it’s a great way to encourage your child to love veggies early.

Via Daily Garnish

Your child is never going to be able to tell the difference between these chicken, lentil, and vegetable patties and a plain ol’ chicken patty. Not only is the texture the same, they also taste fantastic!

These zucchini and carrot bars are perfect for finger-feeding toddlers, and a great substitute for fried tenders or other fried foods.

These spinach and turkey meatballs are perfectly bite-sized for those tiny toddler mouths, yet packed full of iron, protein, and a slew of other amazing-for-them flavors.

Via Parents

Your little nugget of joy is going to love these tofu nuggets. If you don’t believe me, try it! I bet they’ll never look back.

Does your little snacker have a major chip addiction? Make them these sweet potato crisps and watch how quickly they convert.

Not sure how to get your child to try quinoa? Make these quinoa-coated chicken nuggets and they’ll be begging you for it!

Check out these mini-turkey and lentil meatloafs. Tiny for those tiny hands, and every bite has delicious healthy protein and vitamin packed vegetables.

Need some finger-food that’s a sure crowd pleaser? How about these banana and oatmeal fingers? Your kids won’t even know how good they are for them.

Via Thrifty Fun

These delicious cheese and veggie muffins are savory and smell amazing coming out of the oven. Your child is going to beg you to make these.

Does your tot love pizza? With these veggie packed pizza rolls, not only are they getting a meal they love, but the are getting veggies they need to grow up healthy and strong.

Want to try breakfast for lunch? How about some pancakes that are made from veggies! This one is a family pleaser.

These veggie pancakes are crisp, savory, and perfectly finger-food sized for your active toddler.

Via Parents

Your toddler is going to love this cheesy veggie and rice. Every bite is packed full of veggies, but also just so much flavor.

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